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 Episode 2: On KCTS Jan. 21 2012, 5:30pm
An epic martial-arts battle between two shrews for the heart of a female shrew. Our Wonderful Nature

A touching comedic tale about an Irish Pigeon Racer, Seamus Kerrigan, who gets embroiled in an international drug-trafficking plot to smuggle drugs over to Ireland from Holland using carrier pigeons.
Dutch Bird

Our hosts, Rick Stevenson and Dr. Brandon Whitehead (aka The Silent Critic), take a second greenscreen trip to Ireland for the award-winning film DUTCH BIRD, a comedy about a lonely widower whose love of life is reignited by something ‘a wee bit illegal’. Our second comedy is OUR WONDERFUL NATURE, a crowd-pleaser from Germany about the little-known love lives of some of God’s tiniest creatures.

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Images from the show